donderdag 2 januari 2020

Christmas Tree

She was glad that this time she was exactly on time, but Master did not look very pleased about that. He raised her skirt and noticed that she did not wear pants, just like he ordered. Now he almost looked disappointed, she noticed when she dared to look up at him. It was hard to please him, maybe it pleased him most to be able to punish her? Next time she should try this out, dress more than was allowed.

Upstairs she could hear people, he never told her anything about having a family life and she did not dare ask. She knew she should not speak unless he invited her to do so.
He directed her to his study, she still was not used to the ridiculous high heels she had to wear whenever she was with him. It was what he liked and what he demanded of her and she would do it without complaining. The moment she walked through the door of the room, she felt something was missing, she couldn't help saying it aloud: "No Christmas tree at all?"

Oops! That would have consequences, the Master punished for less. He didn't say anything, looked a bit puzzled and she almost hoped that he missed it. A ridiculous thought, he never missed anything she did. Even a sigh or a flicker of the eye was always noticed.
He motioned her to stay where she was and walked to the corner of the room. He took the chair that was over there, carried it to the desk and placed it next to the two chairs that were opposite the impressive big chair that always reminded her of a throne.

He pointed at the - now empty - spot in the corner: "Stand over there!" She immediately did what was asked, but didn't dare to turn around, kept looking at the wall.
"Turn around!" She turned swifly, felt her skirt jumping up a bit what must have given him a sight on her thighs. She hoped that would please him, but he didn't show this. Instead another order came:
"A bit to the right!" She stepped aside to the right. He nodded approvingly.
"Now undress over there, right on that spot, but keep your shoes on."

The top was not a problem and she was not wearing a bra, so that was half the job done. But the rest... She always hated this, the shoes almost made it impossible not to fall over when she had to stand on one leg. But she managed to do it, he nodded with a smile. He was standing next to her and took the clothes from her after she picked them from the floor. He dropped everything on a chair.
"Stay there! Don't you dare to move!" He sounded more promising than threatening, she knew what was in store for her in the end. She was surprised when he left the room, not even looking back.

There was almost no sound in the room, expect for the soft ticking of his little desk clock. She had never noticed that it made sounds. She could also hear his disappearing footsteps on the stairs and faintly that a door was opened and closed. Further away were the sounds of family life, at least she suspected they were just that. Could she hear children running in a room? She was not certain.
She could just glimpse out of a window into his back garden; she had seen it before: a lawn, neatly cut and an old tree at the end of it. When she started to become bored she could hear a door open and footsteps coming nearer down the stairs. Master was coming back. 

He opened the door a bit difficult she could hear. When he entered the room again, he was carrying a box. He walked to his desk and put the box on it. He walked around and opened a drawer. She did not dare to look anymore after he looked at her in a different manner. She wondered what he had in his mind, could she help in any way. Maybe she was expected to do someting already? She decided not to do anything, he would let his demands known to her.

She could hear him opening the box, searching in it, finding something and putting that on the desk behind the box. She tried to peek to see what it was, but could not get it in sight. He walked up to her and pushed her hair behind her ears. Carefully he removed her earrings, took them along and laid them on the desk. He came back with two Christmas baubles, looked at the hooks. After some bending of the thin metal thingies, he seemed to be satisfied and with a lot of patience he hooked them in her earlobes. They were a lot heavier than her earrings and she could feel her earlobes stretch a bit.

He had a good look at her, started humming something. She could not make out what it was, she thought it could be a Christmas hymn or such. He took another thing from the box, she could see it was another bauble. This time he did not adjust it, just hooked it to her belly button piercing. The bauble was quite cold; the feeling of it on her lower abdomen made her shiver.
He didn't notice, was already taking something from the drawer. The chained nipple clamps were fastened tighter than normally, her hands went to her breasts in a reflex. He took her chin in one hand, lifted it, so she could look him in his eyes. He shook his head: "Don't!"

The reason for the tightness was obvious: he hang three baubles on the chain, what caused her breasts to be dragged down slighly. She was quite pleased with the belly button bauble; because of that thing, her nipples had been stiff already. The last time he needed them like that, he had done this by using the riding crop.
He was in a flow now, came to her with two other clamps. He ordered her: "Spread your legs a bit."
She felt him parting her labia, putting a finger between them and fumbling a bit. She could sense how wet she must be. He took his finger out, put it in his mouth and sucked it. She hoped for more, could feel her clit throbbing in need of some caresses.

It was not going to happen this moment, he attached the clamps to her labia and walked back to the box again. Two more baubles he brought along, as expected they were hung between her legs.
"Shake your legs a bit!"
When she did it, she could hear the twinkle of little bells. It made him smile and that made her happy.
Another clamp was attached to her tongue. She hated that, the tongue would feel nothing for the rest of the day. When he placed a little bauble on the thing, she was already drooling. She could feel the saliva running between her breasts. He didn't like it, wiped it off. That did not help at all of course.

He walked off anyway, came back with a string of Christmas lights. Thet were draped around her body and he put the plug in a socket in the corner.
He walked to the other side of the room, sat behind his desk and admired his living Christmas tree.
It made her happy to see him smiling and humming.
Standing like this was a bit tiring and the lights became quite warm.

Maybe he noticed, maybe not. He removed the clamp from her tongue, which caused her to speak again: "Thank you, Master." Again, it looked like he didn't notice.
The clamps from her labia were also removed and he took her by the hand: "Come".
He obviously wanted to lead her to the desk, but the wire of the lights was not long enough. He sighed, unplugged the lights and took the string off before he brought her over to the desk.

He made her lean on the desk, she placed her arms on it.
She could hear him unzipping his trousers, spreading her buttocks to have a look and pushing his dick into her without any foreplay or warning whatsoever. But the both of them were very aware how wet she was.
"Don't break my baubles, little Girl, you already have some punishment waiting for you. Don't make it worse."
He wanted to say more, but his words changed into a sort of groaning. She was very pleased to feel that he was on the brink of coming. It would be a joy to receive his cum. After that she would get what she was really after.

donderdag 3 oktober 2019

Shy (a role play)

The man waited something like five minutes in front of the hotel room before he unlocked the door again and reentered the suite.
The young women were not dusting or vacuum cleaning at all. They were sitting on the sofa and seemed not to notice that he was standing near them. The taller girl was speaking very sofly to the other, holding her face by cupping her chin and looking in her eyes. The other appeared to be a a bit shy and tried to avoid the other's eyes. But that did not stop the taller girl.

She gave her a little kiss on her lips. The shy girl did not resist, when a second kiss came, she had even parted her lips a bit. The other girl took advantage and the man could see how she used her tongue to lick the inside of her lips and then kiss her with more vigour while her fingers found the buttons of her white blouse. She had no problem at all undoing them all before the kiss was finished and she took a bit of distance to admire what she just had unveiled. The man found a chair without losing sight of the scene.

The shy girl seemed to want to pull the shirt together while the other tried to open it completely. She whispered something in her ear and kissed her in her neck. That was enough to stop resistance completely and the shirt was taken off, leaving her in her black bra and blue uniform skirt. The taller girl started kissing again what was obviously appreciated. It made it possible to even unhook the black bra and removing it. The shy girl showed she was in a dreamy mood now, but she must have protested in a quiet way. The taller young woman nodded and took her own shirt and bra off.

The next kiss led to the button of the skirt undone; shy girl did not seem to notice. She did when the zipper went down. New protests were smothered with kisses and she even lifted her bum so the skirt could be removed. Her protection now was no more than a tiny string, which went off when a very long kiss seemed to have hypnotized her. The tall girl gently let her hands roam over the slim beautiful legs and almost sneaked a hand in between the legs. The shy girl now totally surrendered and laid her head on the other's shoulder.

Expertly the hand caused the smaller girl to tremble and little moans escaped from the slightly parted lips. The trembling got worse and worse while the man felt himself getting more and more aroused. Finally a shudder and a little yelp and the shy girl went limp in the other's arms.

They seemed to wake up and notice the man sitting there. He came over to them. Before he could say something the shy girl pointed at the bulge in his jeans.
"Oh no, poor man. You are suffering."
She kneaded the bulge through the material.
"We help you. Wait!"
She took the tall girl by the hand and they disappeared in the bedroom. The man almost felt paralyzed, did not move a muscle until the girl came back.

This time she took his hand and took him along.
In the bedroom the tall girl was nude and on hands and knees, her bum in the direction of the door.
"I help you, sir."
With expert hands he got undressed, she admired his erection, at least she said "Wow" and moved the foreskin away from the head and back a few times, spreading the precum over his dick.
"Come", she said again and directed him on his knees on the bed behind the bum of the other.

She parted the neither lips in front of him and guided his massive erection into the waiting girl who let a little moan escape.
"Is it to big?", she asked.
"No, nice", was the answer.
He could not hold any longer and pushed in completely and started to go in and out, catching a rhytm. The shy girl got hold of the base of his cock, making him getting more depth and at the same time used her other hand to play with the other's cunt. That was too much and the tall girl started shaking. The hand was replaced on his balls and he could not withhold any longer. The little shriek of the girl got answered by his grunting, shooting all what he got. He collapsed on her back.

woensdag 10 april 2019

The Secret Visit

You are surprised when I open the door even before you have been able to knock. I am happy to see that you are wearing my favorite collar, the red one with the big ring. It looks great on top of your white blouse and the bright coloured wide skirt that completes your outfit. You are wearing your hair like I demanded you to wear it: in a ponytail and hardly any make-up.

Still I am grumpy; you noticed it, I can tell by the way you greet me. Your voice a bit higher than normal: "Good afternoon, Sir."
I growl something and hang your handbag on the coat rack.
"First we check...", I say and I lift up your skirt. I see a tiny string, drop the skirt and grab your face in my hand, squeezing your cheeks. "I said, no underwear! Is it that hard to understand!"
You try to say something, but I shout: "Not a word! Now take it off!"

I intended to slap you in your face, but I already can see tears in your eyes. I love it when your eyes are teary, they are beautiful like that.
You stumble a bit; I fully realise it's almost impossible to stand on one leg on these ridiculous high heels you are wearing. I pretend to support you, but I do no more than grabbing a breast and kneading it roughly. A plus for you, no bra under your blouse. I can feel a nipple harden under my treatment while you struggle to get out of the string. Maybe you were wearing it while fearing that the butt plug you have to wear will fall out. In that case you will need a bigger one.

Finally you are done and hand me the little piece of fabric. I sniff on it, it smells like you.
"Have you been playing with yourself without me saying so?" You shake your head, afraid to speak and very rightfully so. I put the string in my pocket and point towards the stairs.
"Up to our room!"
"Yes, Sir", you answer softly.
I walk behind you and lift your skirt, demand you to stop to be able to check on the plug.
"Okay", I say, give you a smack on your bum and you walk on.

The door of our room is open and you walk in. I have placed my chair and your stool in front of the desk. There is a laptop on it and I take my seat in front of it. I pat my hand on the stool to order you to sit down. You oblige and I show you the site I'm on.
"I have noticed that you are a bit sloppy. I'm not strict enough, so I'm going to get some new things for our room." I notice that you nod. It's not important that you agree or understand.

I point at the paddles: "I think ours is good enough. These with the hearts in it should have hearts on top instead. Would be much better."
"I love that bullwhip, but I think that I should have a hook in the ceiling to fasten you or have a whipping bench. Not sure about that. But it would be nice to cover you in red stripes." You sniff a bit, I don't think you like to be whipped, but once in a while you need it.

"I do like that bench with these rings! Could be used for whipping, but it can be lowered or made higher. I could fuck you any way I like while you can't move a muscle."
The next page is about nipple clamps. I order you to undress and put your clamps on. It takes a while and I demand you to hurry. You sit next to me and I yank at the chain between the clamps.
You yelp and one clamp gets lose.
"Sloppy work again! Now I have to do it!" I notice that the nipple is blood-red, almost bleeding, but I show no mercy and put it on again. You hold your breath. I turn the tiny screw a few times before I am satisfied.

We go through the pages, while my left hand wanders between your thighs. You know what I want and slide a bit down so I can reach my goal. I fumble a bit with your folds until you split them for me. I don't show that I noticed this, let my finger enter you without any delay. You are quite wet and I use it to lubricate my fingers to give your little clit some attention. It feels like it has been waiting already, it's very alert.
We don't say a word, I use my right hand to roam through the pages.

"Yes! A spreader bar! We do need that for the riding crop! I'll buy that one, it has rings where I can attach your wrists." I don't think you even listen.
When we reach the sexy clothing for nurses and chamber maids you already start making noises. I concentrate a bit better and notice that your eyes are closed. With a sort of sob you come and your body sinks on my hand. I wait till you are breathing normally and then give you a mouthful.
"I never gave you permission to come! More reason to get punished! Get over my knee! Now!"
You get up and walk around me, place yourself on my knee, your upper body on the stool.
"You count first and you thank me every time. Understood?"

You squeak a bit when I pinch your bum while you adjust yourself.
"How many do you think you should get?"
You mumble, so I ask again.
"Ten", you say.
"Hm, I'll think about that. Ready?"
"One", you answer and I hit you very close to the plug. You moan, but thank me properly.

The first three I deliver are how I like them, with that "Klatsch!" sound that I love. Number four is disappointing, "flub". I hate these but there is no way I can prevent these. I tried everything, even spanking with a stretched palm of my hand. I ended with a painful hand. I didn't want to see you for two weeks after that. Never told you why. The next two are sounding great again.

Steadily, after a few slaps, I can see your buttocks getting that lovely pink colour I so much like.
"Eight", I hit and another "flub" sound. You say "Nine" and I decide to play a bit with the plug. I pull until I feel resistance, then I push it back. I do this a few times, turn it around a bit, but leave it where it is in the end.
"Where were we?"
"Ten", you say.

"Wrong! It's still nine! Now we have to start anew."
I can hear you cursing softly and grab your ponytail to lift your head.
"What did you say?"
"Nothing, Sir", you sound scared.
"I only want to hear you counting and thanking. Understood?"
"Yes, sir."
I let your head go down again.

This time I hit you really hard, almost on your legs. I'm sure your cunt must have sensed this one.
You moan, but count on.
This one is a bit milder.
A hard one close to the plug. We go on nicely like this, variation works better for me.

I wonder how the loud slaps would sound in a big hall, with a lot of echo.
Like in an empty church.
One day we have to try that.
When you say "Twenty three", I can hear that sob in your voice I was after.
"Enough", I say, pulling at your ponytail as a signal to get up.
A bit stiff you do.
"You have been a good girl. I allow you to unfasten and take off my belt and give it to me."
You swallow hard, but you do what you are being told.

When you offer me my belt, I'm not accepting it immediately.
I unfasten the nipple clamps and order you to thank me for that.
"Thank you, Sir", you say with a small voice.
I take the belt and tell you to bend over the table in the middle of the room.
You do what you are told and I see you trying to see what I'm doing.
I let you wait a few minutes, close the laptop.

When I walk to the table you squirm a bit, like you are ready to get some hits with the belt.
I hold the belt by the buckle and let it slide over your legs, through the cleft of your buttocks.
I see that you shiver and I almost have to laugh out loud.
Still I can hit you with the belt if I want that.
You really seem to be expecting it.
It's almost like I will disappoint you when I don't.
Should I?

Not this time.
"Arms on your back, elbows together as far as you can."
I wrap the belt around your upper arms, fasten it with the extra hole I pierced in it.
I open my trousers, undo my fly.
I'm ready and so are you...

zondag 17 september 2017

The Hitchhiker

It was already after 4 PM, maybe he wasn't coming to get her anymore for the challenge. Their rule was that after 5 PM time was up. She decided to keep the clothes on that he laid out for her, even they were not really suitable for this type of weather. There was a strong wind and the rain started every other five minutes after it stopped.

She sat on the bed looking at the alarm clock, the seconds and minutes were ticking away. But 20 past 4 she heard his car coming around the house. He came in the house and called her name from under the stairs, so she went to him. Ready to hear what he had thought of this time.

He looked at her approvingly, said she was a real hotty and that he had planned something nice for her. He didn't react on her question what it was about. Instead he asked her to follow him to the car. She passed him while he locked the door and went to his sports car. He told her to go to the Land Rover instead. The doors were open and she was about to take the front seat, when he ordered her to sit in the back.

He seated himself at the steering wheel, started the car and drove out of their driveway into the street. She felt a bit disappointed: didn't he come to anything new? Was she going to masturbate on the back seats again, showing herself to lorry drivers and such. He asked her if she was wearing a bra, he had told her not to. She answered him by unbuttoning the dress, all the way till under her breasts. They were completely visible now and yes, without a bra.

He nodded approvingly and she was about to fasten the buttons again. But he ordered her to leave the dress like it was. She guessed he wanted to know if she was wearing pants, which she did. He ordered her to give them to him. She took them off and reached over to give him what he wanted. Her naked breasts brushed over his shoulder. He took her G-string and put it in his pocket.

She sat back and realised how weird her dress would look like, almost like a roll around her waist. He demanded that she let things like they were and she was waiting now for him to order to masturbate. She felt with a finger between her nether lips and noticed how wet she already was. She always had this when he started to order her around. He didn't say a thing, just drove on while the weather turned even worse. It rained heavily and the windows started to steam up. He just put up the blower for the windshield, didn't start the air conditioning. So he didn't intend to let her make a show for other drivers, she thought. What on earth did he have in his mind?

He was humming a song and just drove along. She hated this uncertainty and she knew that he knew. No need to check if he was watching her in the mirror, she knew he did. If he was after a private show, he would get one. She licked her lips, put two fingers in her mouth and moved them in and out very slowly a few times. Then she placed the fingers on her other lips, passed them in her wet pussy and spread herself wide open for him. He made sort of snorting sounds in front of her, but didn't say a thing. With her other hand she pushed the top of the dress aside and bared one breast. Her fingers found the nipple and she started to play with it.

Suddenly he drove the car to the side of the road and stopped. "Just go on", he said and opened the car window. Somebody came running towards the car, she could hear. The windows were to steamed up to see who was coming in their direction. "Hop in the back", he said, obviously not to her.
A young man opened one of the doors in the back, pushed a backpack behind the front seat of her husband and placed a cardboard thing next to it. "TRURO" was written on it in black capitals.

"Are you going in the direction of Truro?", he asked, unzipping his mac.
"I will as long as you keep my wife busy" was the answer.
She looked at him in his wet and smelly clothes; he was probably around 20, unshaven, but hardly needed to shave. His mouth had fallen open and his eyes wandered over her body.
"Sorry that my clothes are not very clean", he said, "that's what you get when you are at festivals for a few days."
She pulled a face. Her husband mimed to her: "Are you giving up?"
The boy added: "But I did have a shower." She shook her head.

"Let's check on that", she said with a big smile and moved her hands towards his crotch. Expertly she found and opened his zipper. One hand went in his trousers and searched a few seconds.
"Ah, there it is. Now let me see..."
Her head went down and she seemed to sniff at his cock, but almost immediately she took the head in her mouth.
"Are you going to be a big boy for me?", she asked, letting it go for a second.
The boy didn't need to answer; his member jumped up like a dog woken up.

Soon she realised that the movements of the car could cause danger for her face because the zipper of his fly came very near every time there was a bump or such in the road. So she asked the you man to lift his bum and wrestled his damp jeans down. While she struggled to get them to his ankles, he was groping for her breasts. He caught a nipple and squeezed it a bit. She brushed his hand away, told him she rather had him help a bit and got hold of his not so white briefs. For a moment she feared that the flagpole was in it's fly, for it was an old fashioned Y-front. But it was standing proudly above it and she had no problem shoving the piece of underwear on top of the jeans. He helped after all and wanted to take everything off, already lifting his feet up, but she asked him to leave things like they were now.

"Oh, look! How lovely! He's waving at me!", she blurted out, seeing his member swaying up and down while her hand cupped his balls. The young man could do nothing but watch her taking his swollen rod lovingly in her mouth again. She took it out for a second just to lick the head just under the rim while he moaned like he was suffering. She laughed a bit and went on sucking on the head and taking more and more in her mouth and then letting go a bit before repeating almost devouring her purple victim. It all seemed to become a bit too much for the young guy.

With a croaking voice he asked: "Please, can I fuck you Madam?" The husband grinned watching the events once in a while in his mirror.
Her answer was as expected: "Of course Big Boy! I would love to feel your dick in my snatch and your balls banging against my bum. Let me get ready for you."
She crawled on the seats and presented her backside to him, steadying herself with one hand on the back of the seat. With her free hand she opened her pussy for him. He got on all fours too, hampered by the trousers around his ankles. But he managed to get behind her and close enough to enter her with his throbbing fleshy sword. With one hand on the seat to steady himself and one on one buttock and with her guidance he got in.

"Finally!" she shouted, "Give me all you got Big Boy!"
He didn't need a lot of encouragement, was surprisingly big or it felt like that in this awkward position they were in. It didn't take long before he started to make ominous sounds.
"I don't want you to come inside of her!", the husband shouted, "shoot on her back, don't mind the dress."
Obligingly he withdrew and instantly started spurting an enormous load. He did aim at her back but the car made a sudden swerve, so his spunk ended all over his backpack and the piece of cardboard.
"Oops!" the man behind the wheel shouted, almost hit a biker, "sorry about that."

The young man looked in horror at the white froth dripping from his goods.
"Can I offer you a tissue?", came from the front and a box with these was offered from the front of the car.
The young man took a few out, first wiped his still shaking cock clean and then started to wipe the backpack and the board.
She sat down, not completely satisfied, so started rubbing her clit, having enough moisture for lubrication there. She felt only half interested in what the young man was doing.
"Was nice, but it all went a bit fast", she complained while watching the cleaning job going on.

The letters on the board changed a bit, it said "TOURO" now and the guy started moaning about it.
"Shit, shit, shit! I kept it dry even in that horrible rain. Now it's useless."
He looked at her in a moody way. "I wasn't really prepared for all this. Why on earth are you people doing things like this?"
The reaction was obviously a bit different than what he expected: "I think this is as far as we go, Mate", the husband said
The car was stopped at the side of the road. "There is a truckers cafe over there. I suggest you try get a further ride over there."

The young man pulled his pants and his trousers up without more words and opened the car door. It was raining again so she was lucky not being exposed to people walking around. There was nobody. He got out with his stuff, zipped up his coat and before he could close the door, she threw the wet tissues after him, shouting "Thanks anyway!" The door was not properly closed, so she had to reach for the door handle and do it again. Her former lover stood there cursing in the rain. She blew him a kiss and did a bit better job in closing. Her husband drove off immediately.

She thought it was rather boring sitting in the back rubbing her clit, the magic feeling was a bit gone. So she buttoned the dress up, covering her breasts and moved over to the passenger seat in the front.
"What's next, Love?", she asked.
"Going back home and fuck you in the drive lane or in the garage. I still have to make my mind up about that", he laughed.
Her attention was drawn to the bulge in his trousers. Her hand automatically went over and unzipped his fly. "I see another Big Boy over here! How nice!", she exclaimed while freeing his cock from it's prison. It almost jumped into her hand.

"Oh, look! Honey from my honey!" she cheered, bend over and licked the pre-cum from the dick head. She smacked her lips in approval and then went down again to put her lips around the shaft. First he tried to push her away, mumbling something about accidents that might happen, but then giving in, until he shouted: "Shit! Policecar in front of us. Sit up and fasten your seatbelt. Quick!"
She did what he urged her to do and saw that he wasn't lying. But her eyes were still on her candy stick and she regretted that she had to let it go.
"Oh, look! The little guy is angry because I let him on this one. His head is completely purple!" and laughing she took hold of his dick again and gave more than a proper handjob. He moaned and sighed and tried to push her hand away.

She slapped his hand and warned him: "Do you want to get an accident? Concentrate on the driving!" After that he tried to keep the car safely on the road, but his eyes wandered around like crazy. Not a lot further he found what he obviously was looking for: a parking lot. He drove them to a spot while shouting: "Shit, shit, shit, can't you just wait a second?" While stopping he exploded: his cum shot all over the driving wheel and the dashboard.
"Can I offer you a tissue?", she said in a very soft spoken sexy way and offered him the box.

woensdag 3 augustus 2016

Servant of the Mistress

Weekend again.
The other side of the bed was empty, there was just a little note on his bedside table.
"Challenge time again!" it said at the top. It did not take a long time to read it. She told him she was gone to the seaside with some of her friends. Today he was supposed to be the servant of a mistress and he would be serving her and her guests afternoon tea. The address was on the note, the time he should be there and also that his uniform was already waiting for him in the kitchen of the mistress. She told him not to worry too much because he was going to be a servant, not a slave. His lovely wife had ended the note with three x's.

His morning stiffness was already gone when he had his shower, he regretted that his wife was not there to have helped him with that. He had no idea what to expect from this challenge, was he going to be a sort of butler? When he was drying himself he tried to practise a stiff upper lip in the mirror and had a good laugh. He was far from perfect with this.
He left the house early enough to be certain he would be in time. It's better to try to start a new assignment without annoying the employer.

The copper sign next to the door simply said "Fairweather". He wondered if that was her name or that the house was given this as a sort of plea to the weather gods.
He rang the bell and quite soon the door was opened by a lady of about 40, or maybe a young looking 50. Her make-up was quite plain, just the fiery red lips were a bit outstanding. She was wearing black leather trousers and a black cotton shirt which was buttoned up completely.

"Nicely on time, young man", she said, "I'm the Lady of the house". Lady sure sounded like written with a capital. She didn't take the hand he was offering, but had a good look at him, starting with his head and then downwards, taking a bit more time to look at his crotch. She nodded like she was satisfied, stepped aside and pointed to the back of the hallway. "Walk straight on; at the end you'll find the door to the kitchen. Your uniform is on one of the chairs."
He never got the chance to introduce himself; there seemed to be no need, she knew exactly who he was.

In the kitchen he noticed that there was no more than apron on the chair. He took it in his hands, but before he could even think something was missing, she was behind him, telling him they couldn't wait for hours. "Chop, chop! When you are ready, walk into the hallway again and knock on the last door on the right. You'll get more instructions over there."

She didn't wait for him to start undressing, but he knew he better not take too long to get to that door. Of course he had been dressed like this before, playing with his wife in their kitchen. He remembered very well the last time he had fucked her dressed in an apron on the kitchen table. On the table he saw now there was everything you could wish for during an afternoon tea. Nice mini cakes, sandwiches and even mini scones on an etagere with three plates on a tray. On the kitchen surface was an electric kettle next to a teapot with the tea leafs in it and a tea strainer on another tray. Next to it on that tray were three tea cups, saucers and two mugs.

He hurried to the appointed door and knocked. The Lady of the house made him wait something like half a minute before she shouted "Come in!" He went into the room which was a nice lounge. There were two coffee tables: one had two chairs around it and the other one three. Here the three women were sitting, observing him like he was some sort of interesting animal. The other two women were dressed in a grey long silk dress and in a midi black leather skirt with a grey cotton top. Their make-up was a bit like what the Lady of the house was wearing, but the one with the leather skirt had black lipstick.

He was ordered to come over to the Lady of the house. Without any warning she lifted his apron at the front. He was very aware of the fact that he was completely naked like this, except for the bit of apron in front of his chest. The woman looked angry at him, pointing at his penis.
"What is this? Is this the way you pay respect to a mistress? Are we that ugly? This is very disrespectful! I want you to appear in front of us with your dick always in working order, always erected! You understand?" He nodded and waited what would happen. "Well?", she said, "are you going to do something about it?"

He knew nothing better than to start masturbating under the scrutinizing looks of the women. "Stop!", she shouted after a few minutes, I didn't ask you to spread your cum over my carpet! This will do."
She explained him that he would be hearing a bell in the kitchen if he was needed. One ring would be for tea, two rings for the presenting of the etagere with the lovely food to the ladies. There was somebody expected at the front door in about ten minutes. He would only have to open the door and let the person in. After this he was sent back to the kitchen.

He was slightly worried how to open the door in his skimpy outfit when the doorbell went, but he managed to keep himself hidden behind the door and giving just enough space to the blond girl to come in. She was wearing a wide orange skirt and a white woollen sweater, walking on white flat shoes with hardly any make-up.
"Nice outfit", he could not help saying. "I could say the same", she laughed, looking at him. "Oops, I'm not allowed to talk, only can make requests to the mistress. Now I'm in trouble."

She walked past him and he could not prevent her brushing against his stiff member. He saw her grin and walking on to the door where the Lady of the house and her friends were waiting. She knocked, listened and walked into the room, closing the door behind her. His curiosity won everything else, so he sneaked up to the door and listened.

"You're late! That's one. And I know you were talking to the servant. That's two. Right?" The answer must have been affirmative because of the following words: "Take off your skirt, put it on that chair and come over here." A pause and then: "Over my lap, arms next to your body. You need a lesson, young lady." The sound of spanking followed, as far as he could tell the girl didn't make a sound. It lasted a few minutes before she spoke again: "My friends, would you like some tea while I finish my task?"

He ran as silent as possible back to the kitchen. Right in time to hear the ring. He hurried to make tea and checked that everything was on the tray before he rushed with his load to the lounge. When he was in front of the door, he knocked. The sound of slapping was still going on. After a short "yes" he went in and saw the girl stretched out on the knees of the Lady only dressed in her woollen sweater. She stopped only to say that it was about time and went on. The buttocks of the girl were a sort of pink, close to red.

He was ordered to put the tray on the coffee table next to the women. While he did this the woman in the grey dress lifted his apron with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. The sudden touch almost made him lose his balance, but he managed to get everything safely on the table and the hands withdrew. The woman with the black leather skirt motioned her friend to stop with the spanking. He thought that she maybe pitied the poor girl. He was wrong, she just pointed out that the left buttock was not as red as the right one. The Lady reacted by asking her to handle that side. "That would be a pleasure!", the woman reacted, came sitting on her knees in front of the Lady of the house and started her pleasure. Now both buttocks were mishandled at the same time. The woman with the grey dress leaned over to take the hair out of the face of the girl and put a thumb in her open mouth while he was sent back to the kitchen. They were going to pour the tea in the cups themselves, he was told.

He did not have to wait a long time before the bell was ringed twice so he picked up the tray with the etagere and the plates very careful and brought it to the lounge.  This time he was prepared for grabbing hands, but nothing happened. The women were having a talk about the costs of holidays and eating outdoors while the girl was standing in a corner of the room with her face to the wall. Her fiery red bottom accentuated the whiteness of her sweater. The Lady pointed where he should put the tray on the table and nodded approvingly after he did this. After this she pointed with her finger in front of her. He assumed he had to go there. When he was in front of her, she lifted his apron and stroke his dick while continuing talking with the other women, seemingly not giving any attention to what her hands were doing.

He felt a bit weak in the knees, could not help moaning a bit and he could see some pre-cum coming out from the hole. She wiped it off with the apron, gave a little tap on his dick and told him to go back to the kitchen. It took him some time to calm down; it was hard to resist the urge to have a good wank. But he managed and by the time the bell rang thrice his penis was in a dormant state. He put his mind on the red ass of the girl and what he expected to be hidden under the sweater and succeeded in getting stiff again. The head of his cock was a bit raw and quite dry, but he expected that the Lady of the house would be okay with the state it was in.

When he came back into the room the girl was seated on a chair next to the other coffee table still wearing the sweater which covered most of her bum. He was ordered to pour tea in the two mugs, put them on the table together with the etagere and sit on the other chair. "You will feed my little slave and will let her drink. While you do this, you may drink and eat some yourself."

He pulled the chair close to the girl and wanted to give her a sandwich first. With her eyes she made it clear she was more into the sweet mini cakes, so he got one and put it in front of her lips. Very careful she took a bite and half went into her mouth. When she took the other half from his hand he could feel her tongue on his fingers. After three cakes he guessed a few sips would be welcome. He was right and he could even see a sort of "thank you" in her eyes. A bit was spilt over her lips and trickled towards her chin. He wiped it off with his finger and she opened her lips to lick it off. She sucked a bit longer on his finger than was needed.

He gave her more cake and ate two sandwiches himself, accompanied by two gulps of tea. She was not a big eater and soon it was obvious that she had enough. He didn't know what to do, so he coughed a bit. "Are you two done? Please take her top off, but be careful: I don't want crumbs on my floor. Take the sweater to the kitchen and shake the crumbs off in the sink. After that you can come back to us."

The girl knew what was expected of her and lifted her arms up so he could take her sweater off. She had lovely perky breasts, the small nipples were standing proud to attention. It took him all his will power not to start fondling these lovely orbs. Instead he carefully wrapped the sweater into a sort of woollen ball and took it to the kitchen. There were no crumbs at all, but he waited a few minutes before returning to the lounge.

He was asked to put the sweater on the chair he had been sitting on and was ordered to appear in front of the Lady again. He was used to it now: she lifted his apron and checked on his stiffness. Good thing he had worked on it a bit before entering the room. The Lady nodded approvingly: "Good man! I think you deserve a reward. You think so too, girls?" The others agreed and he was directed to the other coffee table. "On your knees, girl and give the man what he needs. But beware: still no hands!"

The now naked girl got from the chair and knelt in front of him while one of the women removed his apron. She opened her mouth and used her tongue to guide his dick in her mouth. Her saliva slowly took the irritation from the head, he could sense her soft tongue playing a sweet game. Moving her head to and from she added her lips to this seductive game. The woman in the grey dress had something with hair: she was again busy keeping the blond hair out of the girls face, so it was more visible what she was doing. She looked up at him and only now he became aware that she had really lovely blue eyes. He could melt in these. The other women must have noticed he was losing control, almost falling backwards from a faintness in his head, because they started supporting him by holding his arms.

It almost came as a shock when the girl pulled her head away from his dick. She pleaded: "Please Mistress may I be fucked by the gentleman?"
The Lady of the house spoke from behind his shoulder: "What did you say, young girl? Speak up to your Mistress!"
The same plea sounded, now a bit louder: "Please Mistress, can I be fucked?"
The other women were the first to react: "Oh yes, let them fuck!"
"Very well", the Lady agreed.

The girl was led to one of the chairs and made to bend over an armrest. He didn't need any encouragement to position himself behind her. Now he was glad that she had made his member so very wet with her saliva. It seemed she was quite wet herself, never in his life had he entered a woman so easily before. Yet she had a tightness that really pleased him and he could feel her vaginal muscles playing a delightful game with him. He concentrated as well as he could not to come, he wanted this to last as long as possible, wanted to please the girl. He was aware that bumping against her buttocks must be giving quite a sensation, her bum still showed the results of all the spanking.

The woman with the leather skirt came sitting on her knees next to them and slid one hand under the
girl. He could notice that she was rubbing her clit, what made her speed up the rhytm. It proved a bit much for the blond, she came with a shiver and a sort of shout. Now he could not stop himself either and he felt himself exploding in her. "Ah, bless!" the women said.

He got up after he felt himself shrinking. The Lady pulled the girl upright on her hair: "Who told you you were allowed to come?"
"I'm sorry, Mistress", she whispered.
"You'll be sorry for that. Now first clean his dick with your mouth!"
Ever so gently she put the head of his now tiny penis in her mouth, her tongue making a sort of circles around it. After a while he could feel himself growing between her velvet lips again. This obviously was not what was planned because he was pulled away from her, what almost made her fall on her face. But she kept her balance. When his dick escaped from her mouth she made a little sound. It was like a whispered "thanks" and he wondered if he saw her wink. The women pretended not to have heard anything.
"Go upstairs to the playroom and make yourself ready for your punishment", the Lady pointed at the door.

When the girl walked towards the door he could see some of his cum trickling down one of her legs.
She closed the door behind her.
The Lady looked at him: "I'm very pleased with you. I think you are slave material. Tell your wife I would like to have you in training soon, you could use it."
"Thank you My Lady", he felt he should react on this. She nodded at this.
"You can get dressed now and leave. We will not need your services anymore today."

He went to the kitchen while the women watched him go.
He dressed and walked towards the front door; behind him he could hear the women going up the stairs.
It made him wonder: should he consider the girl having a bad time now or should he look at it in another way? One thing was certain: she would get a lot of attention and would not have to share it.

woensdag 24 februari 2016

The Last Customer

He really needed a haircut now. He had been holding the moment off for weeks now, but with the hair hanging over his eyes, he really had to go looking for a hairdresser. Such a shame old Pete, the barber, had quit. Of course he had known for a long time the moment of his retirement would arrive, but he had never thought about opening his eyes and looking for a hairdresser in the neighbourhood.
He walked around in the shopping centre and the streets beyond, yet more than the hairdresser with the girlish name "The Curly Boutique" he could not find.

Through the windows he could only see female clientele, but, okay, desperate times require desperate measures and after the third time he got in front of the business he walked in. The smells were already different to what he was used to in Pete's: instead of smelling like stale cigarettes there were over here the smells of perfume and hairspray. The interior was completely in black and white. The floor was white, the chairs and the working surfaces black, the pictures on the walls were all in black and white. The staff was dressed in black jeans and black shirts. Only the bottles with shampoo, hairspray and such were coloured like the companies designed them, so they really were standing out. All the chairs but one were filled with women and their hair was treated by mostly women in their twenties and thirties. One teenager was sweeping the floor, pushing loads of hair towards the back.

One of the women stopped working and came over to him, while he was waiting near the till. "Yes, sir?", she asked.
"I need a haircut", he answered a bit uncertain. Maybe they were not even doing this for men, although he did not see any signs saying this was only for female clients.
"I think you do, sir", she reacted with a big smile, making it look like this was the understatement of the year. "Problem is, we are fully booked this afternoon. I could only schedule you in at ten till six and we close at six. I don't think we can manage to do your hair in ten minutes."

He must have looked very disappointed or desperate because she turned towards an older woman, who seemed to have more authority. Maybe she was the manager or the owner, he thought.
She had a look at him and nodded: "If the gentleman has time a bit after six, it's fine."
He was very eager to agree and quickly went along for an appointment at ten till six.
"See you then", the woman in front of the desk said and wrote his name in the book on the counter.

When he came back at the appointed time, he was asked to wait. The woman who had made the appointment with him asked the teenage girl to give him coffee while waiting. In reply the girl offered the woman to wash his hair before giving him the coffee. She probably was an apprentice and the most rewarding task would be the washing of hair. The woman shook her head and told her she preferred to this herself while there would be a big chance it would be dry before she had time for him. "Just give him the coffee and then you can go home. You have done enough for today. Have a nice evening!"

So he got his coffee and watched how the staff one by one finished with the older ladies who were occupying the chairs. They had to pay and some of them already made an appointment for next month. Two of the staff went to the back after they finished, got their bags and said their goodbyes for the day. The woman, who said she was going to wash his hair and probably cut it, finished her client, made her pay and excused herself to him for a minute. She went to the back too. The remaining two, who were a bit younger than her, did not go to the back after being paid.
"Now it's your turn, Ellie", the one with ginger hair told the blond one and she tapped invitingly on a chair next to the washbasin. Ellie took the seat and moved around in it till she was as comfortable as possible with her hair half in the basin.

While the ginger haired turned on the water and tested the temperature with one hand, his hairdresser came back to him and invited him to one of the other chairs with a washbasin. She let the water run and soon she started to wash his hair. She did a very relaxing job at this, really something else than Pete who would wet your hair with a spray bottle. Sometimes she concentrated on his left and then to the right side. She pressed herself a bit to him, he imagined she did this with her breasts. When he looked up, there was no proof of that at all. She finished washing his hair almost at the same time the two girls were done.

"I hope you don't mind that I lock the door, close you in. I don't want any new customers today", she asked. He replied that it was fine with him  and she locked the door and pulled the shades down at the door and the big window. It didn't make it darker, there was plenty of light. "Halfway the ears would do, I think and quite a lot shorter at the back. And of course give you some sight again." Playfully she went through the wet hair in front of his eyes.

She started cutting his hair while two seats away from him the blond girl got her hair cut. In the mirror he looked at the woman in a different way than before. His fantasy about her pressing her body against his had made her prettier in his eyes. She did a different job than Pete would have done, started with getting rid of a load of hair and now concentrating on the final stages of modelling his hair. Once in a while she would hold hair on both sides of his head and nodded or adjusted. When she had to work on the hair in front of his face, she had to bend over, so giving him quite a view in her shirt.

Next to him he could hear the ginger saying to the blond one: "That's it."
The blond one, he remembered was called Ellie, sort of protested; he thought she said: "You also promised to shave me."
"There is this gentleman sitting near", the other one hissed.
"Keep things covered. And I'm sure he will not mind", Ellie answered. It was not meant for his ears, but he was hearing all of it all the same. Maybe these girls were used to hard hearing old ladies around. He had no clue what they were talking about and it was clearly not his business. He was far too busy trying to get another glimpse in the shirt. He wondered if she was wearing a bra.

"Your hair is getting dry already", she sort of complained. He knew, he had the fastest drying hair ever according to Pete. She sprayed his hair almost like Pete would have done it, so his way was not so weird after all. In the meantime he could hear the blond making weird sounds and sort of complaining: "What are you doing?" The other one reacted by demanding that she should sit still.
He tried to see what was going on, but the ginger haired girl was blocking the view with her body.

While his sideburns were shaved the blond girl seemed to be moaning. She whispered a bit too loud: "You're making me crazy like that. Oooh. The gentleman is over there..."
"You were the one who was not worried about that, remember?", the other one hissed. She was still blocking his view, although he thought to see the chair of the blond girl was different positioned than his. But he could not tell for sure. But he sure wanted to have a look what was going on.
"Now I'll use some soothing oil", the ginger haired girl said while Ellie moaned even louder.
"Oh, sod it! Finish what you started, Sharon!", the victim almost shouted.

His view became even more limited when his neck was shaven; the shaver went way down on his spine while he had to keep his face close to his chest. "It goes all the way to the end", he laughed.
"But I stop here", was the giggling reaction. She brushed the loose hair away and put away shaver and brush. When she was bending down to get a mirror from a hook in front of his legs, he noticed she was wearing a lovely black bra. The sounds coming from the other seat were taking away his attention, even when she got behind his back he could not take his eyes of the scene.

Sharon was now standing on the other side of the blond girl. He could see that she was massaging a fluid from a bottle on her groin that was clean shaven. On the work surface was the equipment that was used earlier. The woman behind him was now looking at the scene too. The mirror almost forgotten in her hand. Ellie was holding the armrests firmly in her hands and seemed to bend her body upwards towards the hands that were treating her so nicely.

For his mind this scene went on endlessly and he felt like every pore of his body was sweating. In the mirror he saw that the woman behind him had her jaw almost on the floor. She obviously did not expect to see this at all. Finally Ellie made some sort of grunting sound, shook heavily and sank back on the chair.
The woman behind him tried to gain her self assured posture back and asked him: "Is this like what you had in mind?" and gave him a look in the mirror to his hair at the back of his head. He nodded.
She hesitated a few moments and then asked him: "I hope the behaviour of my colleagues didn't annoy you."

Ellie got dressed again and walked over to him with Sharon. "I'm sorry", she said, "this was not meant to happen. I hope we didn't upset you."
The older woman took the hairdressing cape off him and pointed at this bulging crotch:"I do think the gentleman is upset. We can't let him go on the street like this."
The others looked interested at what was pointed out for them. They nodded. "Sorry", said Sharon.

"Sorry won't help the poor man. We have to help him, don't you agree?"
Ellie and Sharon agreed; Sharon was the first to do something else but staring at the bulge, she took his zip and opened his fly. His penis almost jumped forward, still covered in his pants. Ellie unbuttoned his jeans and together with the older lady pulled them down to his knees. He helped a bit by moving his bum up from the chair. The head of his dick now peeked out above his undies, like the thing was curious. They stripped him of his pants too and now the three admired his pecker that looked like waving to them.

"Jesus! Look at all the hair, I'm not going into that!", Ellie exclaimed. The other two shook their head. "We'll have to shave him first", Sharon thought.
"Would you mind that?" the older woman asked.
"Not at all", he was able to say,"but only if you are careful".
"We are always careful!" the blond girl reacted while Sharon already walked to the chair where she had done Ellie. He saw she collected everything that was left on the working surface.

The foam came from a can; he could not help thinking about Old Pete. He would never use anything from a can. But he is not about to complain.
The three of them worked skilful together. One held his dick aside on the white towel while Sharon was shaving him on the other side. They lifted his balls to let her shave over there too. He could not help moaning; it did not hurt, but his dick was swollen like it would explode any second.
"You poor thing!" Ellie said, bending over and kissing the head.
"Almost done", Sharon said, scraping some hairs from under his balls.

They removed the remainder of the foam and looked approvingly at their handiwork.
"Now just some soothing oil to prevent irritation and we're done", Sharon said.
Ellie took the bottle and she started rubbing it on his balls while the older lady concentrated on his dick. Sharon took hold of it too and rubbed some on the head of his dick. This was too much for him and he squirted his load on the towel, some reached the tip of his shirt.

"Oops", Sharon laughed, "I think we solved the problem already."
Carefully they cleaned him and shakily he got up from the chair.
The older woman was at the counter, so he thought he should follow her. He was right, like nothing had happened she made up his bill. It was a bit higher than what he normally paid at Pete's, but he was not complaining. Not complaining at all.
"Will we see you again, sir?", she asked, while he could see that the others were cleaning up.
"Certainly!", he replied.
She opened the door for him and wished him a nice evening.

He had found a hairdresser, felt like a king.
Only problem now was to explain to his wife why he was clean shaven, like a baby.

dinsdag 2 februari 2016

The Hot Tub

It should be quite an honour to be invited for a very private brainstorm with his boss, the newspaper tycoon, but he thought it was a bit peculiar that except for him and his colleague Tim, also their wives had been invited to the mansion. The boss gave a bit of an explanation: he said that he didn't want his wife to be bored all weekend, because this session would take place the whole weekend. Of course with breaks for food, drinks and such. He never met the wife of his boss before, but had seen her in pictures in newspapers and magazines. She looked a bit exotic, being an Asian petite and was far too young for the man, he was in his early fifties, while she appeared like someone in her early twenties. On some pictures she even looked younger.

The reception was very friendly: she introduced herself as Hope and the boss insisted that they would call him Ralph this weekend to make things easier. The whole thing was about starting up a complete new newspaper that should have the potential to become suitable for more than one country. Everywhere in the mansion were notebooks, so no thought would be lost: even the bathrooms had them. Tim, his wife Sharon, Melody and himself had complete suites with king size beds and their own bathrooms. In the rooms there were mini bars from which they could take whatever they wanted.

So the men did their work while the wives spent their Saturday shopping, gossiping and watching some films because there even was a private film theatre in the house. After a lovely meal together the boss signalled his workers there would an evening session, but his lovely young wife protested loud: "No way Ralph! You really exhaust these poor guys. I suggest we'll have a relaxing time in the hot tub." She pointed at the thing.
They didn't notice it before, but there was one indeed. The thing that looked like a big wooden shed appeared to be the very thing. "I took the liberty to already heat the water", she added.

The guests looked at each other: it was obvious that they felt a bit uneasy about it all. Their boss laughed their doubts away, told them that they had opened their minds for him, showed that they trusted him and now he expected them to trust him too to have them in their bath tub. Of course he had seen the men's bodies lots of times before after their squash matches and the ladies had nothing to be ashamed of.
Hope was already showing them that she got them very large towels large towels and bathrobes.
So they looked just a second at each other and followed her outside, where she asked her male guests to take the lid off.

They all undressed outside and put their clothes on the lovely recliners that could make a very nice evening outdoors possible. Hope beat everyone and was in a few seconds in the water, followed by Ralph, who took a seat on the right next to her. The guests were more reluctant to let go of their clothes, so it took them a bit longer. Tim got in and sat next to Ralph, Sharon didn't let go of him and took a seat left of Tim. When Tim and Melody walked up to the tub, Hope began to exclaim:
"Wow, look at these marvellous breasts! I would love to play with these, suck the nipples!"

Melody stopped walking further, he hissed at her: "There is no way out for us."
"Please don't let me sit next to her; she's crazy", she moaned. "Okay", he whispered and took the seat next to Hope. He heard his wife give a sigh of relief when she let her body disappear in the water, while Hope complained: "Oh, what a shame, now you are so far away. Don't be that shy!"
Ralph had looked at the scene with a big smile, he seemed to amuse himself.

Ralph reached out behind him and a telephone appeared; he asked what they wanted to drink. The orders were brought out within minutes by one of the house staff. While the servant discreetly disappeared, they toasted on a fruitful weekend. Laughing, Hope added: "And cheers to the lovely breasts!"

The talking between them was quite normal, even Hope was talking about petrol prices, fashion shows and such. For a moment he had feared Hope would want to talk about places where they had sex for the first time and such. Ralph even started about newspapers. When they had a second round of drinks the mood was far more relaxed. Hope apologized to Melody, she always made stupid jokes according to herself and did not want Melody to feel embarrassed. "But you do have lovely breasts", she added and winked. Melody seemed to feel a lot better, made a remark herself about Hope having the perfect body for fashion.

He could not stop himself whispering in Melody's ear: "You do have the nicest breasts in the tub!"
He had noticed that Hope did not have a lot and gravity already took it's toll on the big, heavy orbs of Sharon. His wife rewarded him with a little kiss, whispered "I love you."
He was happy that she was at ease again, just enjoying the nice water, the company and the drinks. Maybe she wanted to show her gratitude even more, because he could feel a hand getting to his crotch, starting to explore his dick and his balls. He thought this was a bit much and reached at the hand under water, tried to get it away. As a reaction the hand grabbed his balls and squeezed them lightly. He explained this to himself as a sort of warning and let go of the hand.

Soon the hand was in full action, rubbing the shaft of his penis gently up and down, now and then touching his balls lightly. Of course he was not made of stone and he felt himself getting stiffer and stiffer. His wife was talking innocently with Sharon and Hope about holiday resorts while Ralph and Tim were into the stock market. He talked along but it became more and more difficult to keep his mind to the conversation.

At a certain moment Ralph suggested to his wife to go to their quarters and stood up. He turned around, got his bathrobe and stepped out of the tub. Hope followed, reached for her bathrobe, loosely draped it around herself, waved at them and the couple went inside. The remaining four waved back and he was almost relieved the hand got away from his now rock hard dick.
"I would like to go to, Melody. It's been a long day." He got up and quickly put his bathrobe on. She followed his example and they greeted Tim and Sharon while they walked inside.

His penis must look like a flagpole, he thought and walked as fast as he could to their bedroom. Melody saw what was the matter when they entered the room. "You poor boy!", she exclaimed when she opened his bathrobe and dropped to her knees. "Let me help you with that." Her lips went around the top first, then she withdrew to have a better look at the now wet head. She let her tongue roam around the rim under the head and then took him in her mouth completely.

He had wanted to say something about her little game in the tub, but more than "OOH" did not come out of his mouth. When she took more and more in her mouth he grabbed the back of her head and pushed it as far as he could. His "revenge", he thought. She made uneasy sounds like she almost was vomiting and he let go, now letting her have her way. He thought about how he would fuck her from behind later, having the nice hold of her luscious hips. He would slam against her bum fiercely.

All his plans were without a chance to fulfil for some time because he felt himself exploding in her mouth. She had obviously not expected this yet and he could hear her splutter, but somehow she managed to keep all his cum in and he heard her have a big swallow.
He came slowly to his senses, still had to hold himself steady on her shoulders, but now he could speak: "That was some trick you pulled up on me in the pool. I thought I was getting crazy when you started jerking me off like that."
She looked questioningly at him: "I did not touch you, darling."