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The Hitchhiker

It was already after 4 PM, maybe he wasn't coming to get her anymore for the challenge. Their rule was that after 5 PM time was up. She decided to keep the clothes on that he laid out for her, even they were not really suitable for this type of weather. There was a strong wind and the rain started every other five minutes after it stopped.

She sat on the bed looking at the alarm clock, the seconds and minutes were ticking away. But 20 past 4 she heard his car coming around the house. He came in the house and called her name from under the stairs, so she went to him. Ready to hear what he had thought of this time.

He looked at her approvingly, said she was a real hotty and that he had planned something nice for her. He didn't react on her question what it was about. Instead he asked her to follow him to the car. She passed him while he locked the door and went to his sports car. He told her to go to the Land Rover instead. The doors were open and she was about to take the front seat, when he ordered her to sit in the back.

He seated himself at the steering wheel, started the car and drove out of their driveway into the street. She felt a bit disappointed: didn't he come to anything new? Was she going to masturbate on the back seats again, showing herself to lorry drivers and such. He asked her if she was wearing a bra, he had told her not to. She answered him by unbuttoning the dress, all the way till under her breasts. They were completely visible now and yes, without a bra.

He nodded approvingly and she was about to fasten the buttons again. But he ordered her to leave the dress like it was. She guessed he wanted to know if she was wearing pants, which she did. He ordered her to give them to him. She took them off and reached over to give him what he wanted. Her naked breasts brushed over his shoulder. He took her G-string and put it in his pocket.

She sat back and realised how weird her dress would look like, almost like a roll around her waist. He demanded that she let things like they were and she was waiting now for him to order to masturbate. She felt with a finger between her nether lips and noticed how wet she already was. She always had this when he started to order her around. He didn't say a thing, just drove on while the weather turned even worse. It rained heavily and the windows started to steam up. He just put up the blower for the windshield, didn't start the air conditioning. So he didn't intend to let her make a show for other drivers, she thought. What on earth did he have in his mind?

He was humming a song and just drove along. She hated this uncertainty and she knew that he knew. No need to check if he was watching her in the mirror, she knew he did. If he was after a private show, he would get one. She licked her lips, put two fingers in her mouth and moved them in and out very slowly a few times. Then she placed the fingers on her other lips, passed them in her wet pussy and spread herself wide open for him. He made sort of snorting sounds in front of her, but didn't say a thing. With her other hand she pushed the top of the dress aside and bared one breast. Her fingers found the nipple and she started to play with it.

Suddenly he drove the car to the side of the road and stopped. "Just go on", he said and opened the car window. Somebody came running towards the car, she could hear. The windows were to steamed up to see who was coming in their direction. "Hop in the back", he said, obviously not to her.
A young man opened one of the doors in the back, pushed a backpack behind the front seat of her husband and placed a cardboard thing next to it. "TRURO" was written on it in black capitals.

"Are you going in the direction of Truro?", he asked, unzipping his mac.
"I will as long as you keep my wife busy" was the answer.
She looked at him in his wet and smelly clothes; he was probably around 20, unshaven, but hardly needed to shave. His mouth had fallen open and his eyes wandered over her body.
"Sorry that my clothes are not very clean", he said, "that's what you get when you are at festivals for a few days."
She pulled a face. Her husband mimed to her: "Are you giving up?"
The boy added: "But I did have a shower." She shook her head.

"Let's check on that", she said with a big smile and moved her hands towards his crotch. Expertly she found and opened his zipper. One hand went in his trousers and searched a few seconds.
"Ah, there it is. Now let me see..."
Her head went down and she seemed to sniff at his cock, but almost immediately she took the head in her mouth.
"Are you going to be a big boy for me?", she asked, letting it go for a second.
The boy didn't need to answer; his member jumped up like a dog woken up.

Soon she realised that the movements of the car could cause danger for her face because the zipper of his fly came very near every time there was a bump or such in the road. So she asked the you man to lift his bum and wrestled his damp jeans down. While she struggled to get them to his ankles, he was groping for her breasts. He caught a nipple and squeezed it a bit. She brushed his hand away, told him she rather had him help a bit and got hold of his not so white briefs. For a moment she feared that the flagpole was in it's fly, for it was an old fashioned Y-front. But it was standing proudly above it and she had no problem shoving the piece of underwear on top of the jeans. He helped after all and wanted to take everything off, already lifting his feet up, but she asked him to leave things like they were now.

"Oh, look! How lovely! He's waving at me!", she blurted out, seeing his member swaying up and down while her hand cupped his balls. The young man could do nothing but watch her taking his swollen rod lovingly in her mouth again. She took it out for a second just to lick the head just under the rim while he moaned like he was suffering. She laughed a bit and went on sucking on the head and taking more and more in her mouth and then letting go a bit before repeating almost devouring her purple victim. It all seemed to become a bit too much for the young guy.

With a croaking voice he asked: "Please, can I fuck you Madam?" The husband grinned watching the events once in a while in his mirror.
Her answer was as expected: "Of course Big Boy! I would love to feel your dick in my snatch and your balls banging against my bum. Let me get ready for you."
She crawled on the seats and presented her backside to him, steadying herself with one hand on the back of the seat. With her free hand she opened her pussy for him. He got on all fours too, hampered by the trousers around his ankles. But he managed to get behind her and close enough to enter her with his throbbing fleshy sword. With one hand on the seat to steady himself and one on one buttock and with her guidance he got in.

"Finally!" she shouted, "Give me all you got Big Boy!"
He didn't need a lot of encouragement, was surprisingly big or it felt like that in this awkward position they were in. It didn't take long before he started to make ominous sounds.
"I don't want you to come inside of her!", the husband shouted, "shoot on her back, don't mind the dress."
Obligingly he withdrew and instantly started spurting an enormous load. He did aim at her back but the car made a sudden swerve, so his spunk ended all over his backpack and the piece of cardboard.
"Oops!" the man behind the wheel shouted, almost hit a biker, "sorry about that."

The young man looked in horror at the white froth dripping from his goods.
"Can I offer you a tissue?", came from the front and a box with these was offered from the front of the car.
The young man took a few out, first wiped his still shaking cock clean and then started to wipe the backpack and the board.
She sat down, not completely satisfied, so started rubbing her clit, having enough moisture for lubrication there. She felt only half interested in what the young man was doing.
"Was nice, but it all went a bit fast", she complained while watching the cleaning job going on.

The letters on the board changed a bit, it said "TOURO" now and the guy started moaning about it.
"Shit, shit, shit! I kept it dry even in that horrible rain. Now it's useless."
He looked at her in a moody way. "I wasn't really prepared for all this. Why on earth are you people doing things like this?"
The reaction was obviously a bit different than what he expected: "I think this is as far as we go, Mate", the husband said
The car was stopped at the side of the road. "There is a truckers cafe over there. I suggest you try get a further ride over there."

The young man pulled his pants and his trousers up without more words and opened the car door. It was raining again so she was lucky not being exposed to people walking around. There was nobody. He got out with his stuff, zipped up his coat and before he could close the door, she threw the wet tissues after him, shouting "Thanks anyway!" The door was not properly closed, so she had to reach for the door handle and do it again. Her former lover stood there cursing in the rain. She blew him a kiss and did a bit better job in closing. Her husband drove off immediately.

She thought it was rather boring sitting in the back rubbing her clit, the magic feeling was a bit gone. So she buttoned the dress up, covering her breasts and moved over to the passenger seat in the front.
"What's next, Love?", she asked.
"Going back home and fuck you in the drive lane or in the garage. I still have to make my mind up about that", he laughed.
Her attention was drawn to the bulge in his trousers. Her hand automatically went over and unzipped his fly. "I see another Big Boy over here! How nice!", she exclaimed while freeing his cock from it's prison. It almost jumped into her hand.

"Oh, look! Honey from my honey!" she cheered, bend over and licked the pre-cum from the dick head. She smacked her lips in approval and then went down again to put her lips around the shaft. First he tried to push her away, mumbling something about accidents that might happen, but then giving in, until he shouted: "Shit! Policecar in front of us. Sit up and fasten your seatbelt. Quick!"
She did what he urged her to do and saw that he wasn't lying. But her eyes were still on her candy stick and she regretted that she had to let it go.
"Oh, look! The little guy is angry because I let him on his one. His head is completely purple!" and laughing she took hold of his dick again and gave more than a proper handjob. He moaned and sighed and tried to push her hand away.

She slapped his hand and warned him: "Do you want to get an accident? Concentrate on the driving!" After that he tried to keep the car safely on the road, but his eyes wandered around like crazy. Not a lot further he found what he obviously was looking for: a parking lot. He drove them to a spot while shouting: "Shit, shit, shit, can't you just wait a second?" While stopping he exploded: his cum shot all over the driving wheel and the dashboard.
"Can I offer you a tissue?", she said in a very soft spoken sexy way and offered him the box.

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