woensdag 3 augustus 2016

Servant of the Mistress

Weekend again.
The other side of the bed was empty, there was just a little note on his bedside table.
"Challenge time again!" it said at the top. It did not take a long time to read it. She told him she was gone to the seaside with some of her friends. Today he was supposed to be the servant of a mistress and he would be serving her and her guests afternoon tea. The address was on the note, the time he should be there and also that his uniform was already waiting for him in the kitchen of the mistress. She told him not to worry too much because he was going to be a servant, not a slave. His lovely wife had ended the note with three x's.

His morning stiffness was already gone when he had his shower, he regretted that his wife was not there to have helped him with that. He had no idea what to expect from this challenge, was he going to be a sort of butler? When he was drying himself he tried to practise a stiff upper lip in the mirror and had a good laugh. He was far from perfect with this.
He left the house early enough to be certain he would be in time. It's better to try to start a new assignment without annoying the employer.

The copper sign next to the door simply said "Fairweather". He wondered if that was her name or that the house was given this as a sort of plea to the weather gods.
He rang the bell and quite soon the door was opened by a lady of about 40, or maybe a young looking 50. Her make-up was quite plain, just the fiery red lips were a bit outstanding. She was wearing black leather trousers and a black cotton shirt which was buttoned up completely.

"Nicely on time, young man", she said, "I'm the Lady of the house". Lady sure sounded like written with a capital. She didn't take the hand he was offering, but had a good look at him, starting with his head and then downwards, taking a bit more time to look at his crotch. She nodded like she was satisfied, stepped aside and pointed to the back of the hallway. "Walk straight on; at the end you'll find the door to the kitchen. Your uniform is on one of the chairs."
He never got the chance to introduce himself; there seemed to be no need, she knew exactly who he was.

In the kitchen he noticed that there was no more than apron on the chair. He took it in his hands, but before he could even think something was missing, she was behind him, telling him they couldn't wait for hours. "Chop, chop! When you are ready, walk into the hallway again and knock on the last door on the right. You'll get more instructions over there."

She didn't wait for him to start undressing, but he knew he better not take too long to get to that door. Of course he had been dressed like this before, playing with his wife in their kitchen. He remembered very well the last time he had fucked her dressed in an apron on the kitchen table. On the table he saw now there was everything you could wish for during an afternoon tea. Nice mini cakes, sandwiches and even mini scones on an etagere with three plates on a tray. On the kitchen surface was an electric kettle next to a teapot with the tea leafs in it and a tea strainer on another tray. Next to it on that tray were three tea cups, saucers and two mugs.

He hurried to the appointed door and knocked. The Lady of the house made him wait something like half a minute before she shouted "Come in!" He went into the room which was a nice lounge. There were two coffee tables: one had two chairs around it and the other one three. Here the three women were sitting, observing him like he was some sort of interesting animal. The other two women were dressed in a grey long silk dress and in a midi black leather skirt with a grey cotton top. Their make-up was a bit like what the Lady of the house was wearing, but the one with the leather skirt had black lipstick.

He was ordered to come over to the Lady of the house. Without any warning she lifted his apron at the front. He was very aware of the fact that he was completely naked like this, except for the bit of apron in front of his chest. The woman looked angry at him, pointing at his penis.
"What is this? Is this the way you pay respect to a mistress? Are we that ugly? This is very disrespectful! I want you to appear in front of us with your dick always in working order, always erected! You understand?" He nodded and waited what would happen. "Well?", she said, "are you going to do something about it?"

He knew nothing better than to start masturbating under the scrutinizing looks of the women. "Stop!", she shouted after a few minutes, I didn't ask you to spread your cum over my carpet! This will do."
She explained him that he would be hearing a bell in the kitchen if he was needed. One ring would be for tea, two rings for the presenting of the etagere with the lovely food to the ladies. There was somebody expected at the front door in about ten minutes. He would only have to open the door and let the person in. After this he was sent back to the kitchen.

He was slightly worried how to open the door in his skimpy outfit when the doorbell went, but he managed to keep himself hidden behind the door and giving just enough space to the blond girl to come in. She was wearing a wide orange skirt and a white woollen sweater, walking on white flat shoes with hardly any make-up.
"Nice outfit", he could not help saying. "I could say the same", she laughed, looking at him. "Oops, I'm not allowed to talk, only can make requests to the mistress. Now I'm in trouble."

She walked past him and he could not prevent her brushing against his stiff member. He saw her grin and walking on to the door where the Lady of the house and her friends were waiting. She knocked, listened and walked into the room, closing the door behind her. His curiosity won everything else, so he sneaked up to the door and listened.

"You're late! That's one. And I know you were talking to the servant. That's two. Right?" The answer must have been affirmative because of the following words: "Take of your skirt, put it on that chair and come over here." A pause and then: "Over my lap, arms next to your body. You need a lesson, young lady." The sound of spanking followed, as far as he could tell the girl didn't make a sound. It lasted a few minutes before she spoke again: "My friends, would you like some tea while I finish my task?"

He ran as silent as possible back to the kitchen. Right in time to hear the ring. He hurried to make tea and checked that everything was on the tray before he rushed with his load to the lounge. When he was in front of the door, he knocked. The sound of slapping was still going on. After a short "yes" he went in and saw the girl stretched out on the knees of the Lady only dressed in her woollen sweater. She stopped only to say that it was about time and went on. The buttocks of the girl were a sort of pink, close to red.

He was ordered to put the tray on the coffee table next to the women. While he did this the woman in the grey dress lifted his apron with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. The sudden touch almost made him lose his balance, but he managed to get everything safely on the table and the hands withdrew. The woman with the black leather skirt motioned her friend to stop with the spanking. He thought that she maybe pitied the poor girl. He was wrong, she just pointed out that the left buttock was not as red as the right one. The Lady reacted by asking her to handle that side. "That would be a pleasure!", the woman reacted, came sitting on her knees in front of the Lady of the house and started her pleasure. Now both buttocks were mishandled at the same time. The woman with the grey dress leaned over to take the hair out of the face of the girl and put a thumb in her open mouth while he was sent back to the kitchen. They were going to pour the tea in the cups themselves, he was told.

He did not have to wait a long time before the bell was ringed twice so he picked up the tray with the etagere and the plates very careful and brought it to the lounge.  This time he was prepared for grabbing hands, but nothing happened. The women were having a talk about the costs of holidays and eating outdoors while the girl was standing in a corner of the room with her face to the wall. Her fiery red bottom accentuated the whiteness of her sweater. The Lady pointed where he should put the tray on the table and nodded approvingly after he did this. After this she pointed with her finger in front of her. He assumed he had to go there. When he was in front of her, she lifted his apron and stroke his dick while continuing talking with the other women, seemingly not giving any attention to what her hands were doing.

He felt a bit weak in the knees, could not help moaning a bit and he could see some pre-cum coming out from the hole. She wiped it off with the apron, gave a little tap on his dick and told him to go back to the kitchen. It took him some time to calm down; it was hard to resist the urge to have a good wank. But he managed and by the time the bell rang thrice his penis was in a dormant state. He put his mind on the red ass of the girl and what he expected to be hidden under the sweater and succeeded in getting stiff again. The head of his cock was a bit raw and quite dry, but he expected that the Lady of the house would be okay with the state it was in.

When he came back into the room the girl was seated on a chair next to the other coffee table still wearing the sweater which covered most of her bum. He was ordered to pour tea in the two mugs, put them on the table together with the etagere and sit on the other chair. "You will feed my little slave and will let her drink. While you do this, you may drink and eat some yourself."

He pulled the chair close to the girl and wanted to give her a sandwich first. With her eyes she made it clear she was more into the sweet mini cakes, so he got one and put it in front of her lips. Very careful she took a bite and half went into her mouth. When she took the other half from his hand he could feel her tongue on his fingers. After three cakes he guessed a few sips would be welcome. He was right and he could even see a sort of "thank you" in her eyes. A bit was spilt over her lips and trickled towards her chin. He wiped it off with his finger and she opened her lips to lick it off. She sucked a bit longer on his finger than was needed.

He gave her more cake and ate two sandwiches himself, accompanied by two gulps of tea. She was not a big eater and soon it was obvious that she had enough. He didn't know what to do, so he coughed a bit. "Are you two done? Please take her top off, but be careful: I don't want crumbs on my floor. Take the sweater to the kitchen and shake the crumbs off in the sink. After that you can come back to us."

The girl knew what was expected of her and lifted her arms up so he could take her sweater off. She had lovely perky breasts, the small nipples were standing proud to attention. It took him all his will power not to start fondling these lovely orbs. Instead he carefully wrapped the sweater into a sort of woollen ball and took it to the kitchen. There were no crumbs at all, but he waited a few minutes before returning to the lounge.

He was asked to put the sweater on the chair he had been sitting on and was ordered to appear in front of the Lady again. He was used to it now: she lifted his apron and checked on his stiffness. Good thing he had worked on it a bit before entering the room. The Lady nodded approvingly: "Good man! I think you deserve a reward. You think so too, girls?" The others agreed and he was directed to the other coffee table. "On your knees, girl and give the man what he needs. But beware: still no hands!"

The now naked girl got from the chair and knelt in front of him while one of the women removed his apron. She opened her mouth and used her tongue to guide his dick in her mouth. Her saliva slowly took the irritation from the head, he could sense her soft tongue playing a sweet game. Moving her head to and from she added her lips to this seductive game. The woman in the grey dress had something with hair: she was again busy keeping the blond hair out of the girls face, so it was more visible what she was doing. She looked up at him and only now he became aware that she had really lovely blue eyes. He could melt in these. The other women must have noticed he was losing control, almost falling backwards from a faintness in his head, because they started supporting him by holding his arms.

It almost came as a shock when the girl pulled her head away from his dick. She pleaded: "Please Mistress may I be fucked by the gentleman?"
The Lady of the house spoke from behind his shoulder: "What did you say, young girl? Speak up to your Mistress!"
The same plea sounded, now a bit louder: "Please Mistress, can I be fucked?"
The other women were the first to react: "Oh yes, let them fuck!"
"Very well", the Lady agreed.

The girl was led to one of the chairs and made to bend over an armrest. He didn't need any encouragement to position himself behind her. Now he was glad that she had made his member so very wet with her saliva. It seemed she was quite wet herself, never in his life had he entered a woman so easily before. Yet she had a tightness that really pleased him and he could feel her vaginal muscles playing a delightful game with him. He concentrated as well as he could not to come, he wanted this to last as long as possible, wanted to please the girl. He was aware that bumping against her buttocks must be giving quite a sensation, her bum still showed the results of all the spanking.

The woman with the leather skirt came sitting on her knees next to them and slid one hand under the
girl. He could notice that she was rubbing her clit, what made her speed up the rhytm. It proved a bit much for the blond, she came with a shiver and a sort of shout. Now he could not stop himself either and he felt himself exploding in her. "Ah, bless!" the women said.

He got up after he felt himself shrinking. The Lady pulled the girl upright on her hair: "Who told you you were allowed to come?"
"I'm sorry, Mistress", she whispered.
"You'll be sorry for that. Now first clean his dick with your mouth!"
Ever so gently she put the head of his now tiny penis in her mouth, her tongue making a sort of circles around it. After a while he could feel himself growing between her velvet lips again. This obviously was not what was planned because he was pulled away from her, what almost made her fall on her face. But she kept her balance. When his dick escaped from her mouth she made a little sound. It was like a whispered "thanks" and he wondered if he saw her wink. The women pretended not to have heard anything.
"Go upstairs to the playroom and make yourself ready for your punishment", the Lady pointed at the door.

When the girl walked towards the door he could see some of his cum trickling down one of her legs.
She closed the door behind her.
The Lady looked at him: "I'm very pleased with you. I think you are slave material. Tell your wife I would like to have you in training soon, you could use it."
"Thank you My Lady", he felt he should react on this. She nodded at this.
"You can get dressed now and leave. We will not need your services anymore today."

He went to the kitchen while the women watched him go.
He dressed and walked towards the front door; behind him he could hear the women going up the stairs.
It made him wonder: should he consider the girl having a bad time now or should he look at it in another way? One thing was certain: she would get a lot of attention and would not have to share it.

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