woensdag 24 februari 2016

The Last Customer

He really needed a haircut now. He had been holding the moment off for weeks now, but with the hair hanging over his eyes, he really had to go looking for a hairdresser. Such a shame old Pete, the barber, had quit. Of course he had known for a long time the moment of his retirement would arrive, but he had never thought about opening his eyes and looking for a hairdresser in the neighbourhood.
He walked around in the shopping centre and the streets beyond, yet more than the hairdresser with the girlish name "The Curly Boutique" he could not find.

Through the windows he could only see female clientele, but, okay, desperate times require desperate measures and after the third time he got in front of the business he walked in. The smells were already different to what he was used to in Pete's: instead of smelling like stale cigarettes there were over here the smells of perfume and hairspray. The interior was completely in black and white. The floor was white, the chairs and the working surfaces black, the pictures on the walls were all in black and white. The staff was dressed in black jeans and black shirts. Only the bottles with shampoo, hairspray and such were coloured like the companies designed them, so they really were standing out. All the chairs but one were filled with women and their hair was treated by mostly women in their twenties and thirties. One teenager was sweeping the floor, pushing loads of hair towards the back.

One of the women stopped working and came over to him, while he was waiting near the till. "Yes, sir?", she asked.
"I need a haircut", he answered a bit uncertain. Maybe they were not even doing this for men, although he did not see any signs saying this was only for female clients.
"I think you do, sir", she reacted with a big smile, making it look like this was the understatement of the year. "Problem is, we are fully booked this afternoon. I could only schedule you in at ten till six and we close at six. I don't think we can manage to do your hair in ten minutes."

He must have looked very disappointed or desperate because she turned towards an older woman, who seemed to have more authority. Maybe she was the manager or the owner, he thought.
She had a look at him and nodded: "If the gentleman has time a bit after six, it's fine."
He was very eager to agree and quickly went along for an appointment at ten till six.
"See you then", the woman in front of the desk said and wrote his name in the book on the counter.

When he came back at the appointed time, he was asked to wait. The woman who had made the appointment with him asked the teenage girl to give him coffee while waiting. In reply the girl offered the woman to wash his hair before giving him the coffee. She probably was an apprentice and the most rewarding task would be the washing of hair. The woman shook her head and told her she preferred to this herself while there would be a big chance it would be dry before she had time for him. "Just give him the coffee and then you can go home. You have done enough for today. Have a nice evening!"

So he got his coffee and watched how the staff one by one finished with the older ladies who were occupying the chairs. They had to pay and some of them already made an appointment for next month. Two of the staff went to the back after they finished, got their bags and said their goodbyes for the day. The woman, who said she was going to wash his hair and probably cut it, finished her client, made her pay and excused herself to him for a minute. She went to the back too. The remaining two, who were a bit younger than her, did not go to the back after being paid.
"Now it's your turn, Ellie", the one with ginger hair told the blond one and she tapped invitingly on a chair next to the washbasin. Ellie took the seat and moved around in it till she was as comfortable as possible with her hair half in the basin.

While the ginger haired turned on the water and tested the temperature with one hand, his hairdresser came back to him and invited him to one of the other chairs with a washbasin. She let the water run and soon she started to wash his hair. She did a very relaxing job at this, really something else than Pete who would wet your hair with a spray bottle. Sometimes she concentrated on his left and then to the right side. She pressed herself a bit to him, he imagined she did this with her breasts. When he looked up, there was no proof of that at all. She finished washing his hair almost at the same time the two girls were done.

"I hope you don't mind that I lock the door, close you in. I don't want any new customers today", she asked. He replied that it was fine with him  and she locked the door and pulled the shades down at the door and the big window. It didn't make it darker, there was plenty of light. "Halfway the ears would do, I think and quite a lot shorter at the back. And of course give you some sight again." Playfully she went through the wet hair in front of his eyes.

She started cutting his hair while two seats away from him the blond girl got her hair cut. In the mirror he looked at the woman in a different way than before. His fantasy about her pressing her body against his had made her prettier in his eyes. She did a different job than Pete would have done, started with getting rid of a load of hair and now concentrating on the final stages of modelling his hair. Once in a while she would hold hair on both sides of his head and nodded or adjusted. When she had to work on the hair in front of his face, she had to bend over, so giving him quite a view in her shirt.

Next to him he could hear the ginger saying to the blond one: "That's it."
The blond one, he remembered was called Ellie, sort of protested; he thought she said: "You also promised to shave me."
"There is this gentleman sitting near", the other one hissed.
"Keep things covered. And I'm sure he will not mind", Ellie answered. It was not meant for his ears, but he was hearing all of it all the same. Maybe these girls were used to hard hearing old ladies around. He had no clue what they were talking about and it was clearly not his business. He was far too busy trying to get another glimpse in the shirt. He wondered if she was wearing a bra.

"Your hair is getting dry already", she sort of complained. He knew, he had the fastest drying hair ever according to Pete. She sprayed his hair almost like Pete would have done it, so his way was not so weird after all. In the meantime he could hear the blond making weird sounds and sort of complaining: "What are you doing?" The other one reacted by demanding that she should sit still.
He tried to see what was going on, but the ginger haired girl was blocking the view with her body.

While his sideburns were shaved the blond girl seemed to be moaning. She whispered a bit too loud: "You're making me crazy like that. Oooh. The gentleman is over there..."
"You were the one who was not worried about that, remember?", the other one hissed. She was still blocking his view, although he thought to see the chair of the blond girl was different positioned than his. But he could not tell for sure. But he sure wanted to have a look what was going on.
"Now I'll use some soothing oil", the ginger haired girl said while Ellie moaned even louder.
"Oh, sod it! Finish what you started, Sharon!", the victim almost shouted.

His view became even more limited when his neck was shaven; the shaver went way down on his spine while he had to keep his face close to his chest. "It goes all the way to the end", he laughed.
"But I stop here", was the giggling reaction. She brushed the loose hair away and put away shaver and brush. When she was bending down to get a mirror from a hook in front of his legs, he noticed she was wearing a lovely black bra. The sounds coming from the other seat were taking away his attention, even when she got behind his back he could not take his eyes of the scene.

Sharon was now standing on the other side of the blond girl. He could see that she was massaging a fluid from a bottle on her groin that was clean shaven. On the work surface was the equipment that was used earlier. The woman behind him was now looking at the scene too. The mirror almost forgotten in her hand. Ellie was holding the armrests firmly in her hands and seemed to bend her body upwards towards the hands that were treating her so nicely.

For his mind this scene went on endlessly and he felt like every pore of his body was sweating. In the mirror he saw that the woman behind him had her jaw almost on the floor. She obviously did not expect to see this at all. Finally Ellie made some sort of grunting sound, shook heavily and sank back on the chair.
The woman behind him tried to gain her self assured posture back and asked him: "Is this like what you had in mind?" and gave him a look in the mirror to his hair at the back of his head. He nodded.
She hesitated a few moments and then asked him: "I hope the behaviour of my colleagues didn't annoy you."

Ellie got dressed again and walked over to him with Sharon. "I'm sorry", she said, "this was not meant to happen. I hope we didn't upset you."
The older woman took the hairdressing cape off him and pointed at this bulging crotch:"I do think the gentleman is upset. We can't let him go on the street like this."
The others looked interested at what was pointed out for them. They nodded. "Sorry", said Sharon.

"Sorry won't help the poor man. We have to help him, don't you agree?"
Ellie and Sharon agreed; Sharon was the first to do something else but staring at the bulge, she took his zip and opened his fly. His penis almost jumped forward, still covered in his pants. Ellie unbuttoned his jeans and together with the older lady pulled them down to his knees. He helped a bit by moving his bum up from the chair. The head of his dick now peeked out above his undies, like the thing was curious. They stripped him of his pants too and now the three admired his pecker that looked like waving to them.

"Jesus! Look at all the hair, I'm not going into that!", Ellie exclaimed. The other two shook their head. "We'll have to shave him first", Sharon thought.
"Would you mind that?" the older woman asked.
"Not at all", he was able to say,"but only if you are careful".
"We are always careful!" the blond girl reacted while Sharon already walked to the chair where she had done Ellie. He saw she collected everything that was left on the working surface.

The foam came from a can; he could not help thinking about Old Pete. He would never use anything from a can. But he is not about to complain.
The three of them worked skilful together. One held his dick aside on the white towel while Sharon was shaving him on the other side. They lifted his balls to let her shave over there too. He could not help moaning; it did not hurt, but his dick was swollen like it would explode any second.
"You poor thing!" Ellie said, bending over and kissing the head.
"Almost done", Sharon said, scraping some hairs from under his balls.

They removed the remainder of the foam and looked approvingly at their handiwork.
"Now just some soothing oil to prevent irritation and we're done", Sharon said.
Ellie took the bottle and she started rubbing it on his balls while the older lady concentrated on his dick. Sharon took hold of it too and rubbed some on the head of his dick. This was too much for him and he squirted his load on the towel, some reached the tip of his shirt.

"Oops", Sharon laughed, "I think we solved the problem already."
Carefully they cleaned him and shakily he got up from the chair.
The older woman was at the counter, so he thought he should follow her. He was right, like nothing had happened she made up his bill. It was a bit higher than what he normally paid at Pete's, but he was not complaining. Not complaining at all.
"Will we see you again, sir?", she asked, while he could see that the others were cleaning up.
"Certainly!", he replied.
She opened the door for him and wished him a nice evening.

He had found a hairdresser, felt like a king.
Only problem now was to explain to his wife why he was clean shaven, like a baby.

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