dinsdag 2 februari 2016

The Hot Tub

It should be quite an honour to be invited for a very private brainstorm with his boss, the newspaper tycoon, but he thought it was a bit peculiar that except for him and his colleague Tim, also their wives had been invited to the mansion. The boss gave a bit of an explanation: he said that he didn't want his wife to be bored all weekend, because this session would take place the whole weekend. Of course with breaks for food, drinks and such. He never met the wife of his boss before, but had seen her in pictures in newspapers and magazines. She looked a bit exotic, being an Asian petite and was far too young for the man, he was in his early fifties, while she appeared like someone in her early twenties. On some pictures she even looked younger.

The reception was very friendly: she introduced herself as Hope and the boss insisted that they would call him Ralph this weekend to make things easier. The whole thing was about starting up a complete new newspaper that should have the potential to become suitable for more than one country. Everywhere in the mansion were notebooks, so no thought would be lost: even the bathrooms had them. Tim, his wife Sharon, Melody and himself had complete suites with king size beds and their own bathrooms. In the rooms there were mini bars from which they could take whatever they wanted.

So the men did their work while the wives spent their Saturday shopping, gossiping and watching some films because there even was a private film theatre in the house. After a lovely meal together the boss signalled his workers there would an evening session, but his lovely young wife protested loud: "No way Ralph! You really exhaust these poor guys. I suggest we'll have a relaxing time in the hot tub." She pointed at the thing.
They didn't notice it before, but there was one indeed. The thing that looked like a big wooden shed appeared to be the very thing. "I took the liberty to already heat the water", she added.

The guests looked at each other: it was obvious that they felt a bit uneasy about it all. Their boss laughed their doubts away, told them that they had opened their minds for him, showed that they trusted him and now he expected them to trust him too to have them in their bath tub. Of course he had seen the men's bodies lots of times before after their squash matches and the ladies had nothing to be ashamed of.
Hope was already showing them that she got them very large towels large towels and bathrobes.
So they looked just a second at each other and followed her outside, where she asked her male guests to take the lid off.

They all undressed outside and put their clothes on the lovely recliners that could make a very nice evening outdoors possible. Hope beat everyone and was in a few seconds in the water, followed by Ralph, who took a seat on the right next to her. The guests were more reluctant to let go of their clothes, so it took them a bit longer. Tim got in and sat next to Ralph, Sharon didn't let go of him and took a seat left of Tim. When Tim and Melody walked up to the tub, Hope began to exclaim:
"Wow, look at these marvellous breasts! I would love to play with these, suck the nipples!"

Melody stopped walking further, he hissed at her: "There is no way out for us."
"Please don't let me sit next to her; she's crazy", she moaned. "Okay", he whispered and took the seat next to Hope. He heard his wife give a sigh of relief when she let her body disappear in the water, while Hope complained: "Oh, what a shame, now you are so far away. Don't be that shy!"
Ralph had looked at the scene with a big smile, he seemed to amuse himself.

Ralph reached out behind him and a telephone appeared; he asked what they wanted to drink. The orders were brought out within minutes by one of the house staff. While the servant discreetly disappeared, they toasted on a fruitful weekend. Laughing, Hope added: "And cheers to the lovely breasts!"

The talking between them was quite normal, even Hope was talking about petrol prices, fashion shows and such. For a moment he had feared Hope would want to talk about places where they had sex for the first time and such. Ralph even started about newspapers. When they had a second round of drinks the mood was far more relaxed. Hope apologized to Melody, she always made stupid jokes according to herself and did not want Melody to feel embarrassed. "But you do have lovely breasts", she added and winked. Melody seemed to feel a lot better, made a remark herself about Hope having the perfect body for fashion.

He could not stop himself whispering in Melody's ear: "You do have the nicest breasts in the tub!"
He had noticed that Hope did not have a lot and gravity already took it's toll on the big, heavy orbs of Sharon. His wife rewarded him with a little kiss, whispered "I love you."
He was happy that she was at ease again, just enjoying the nice water, the company and the drinks. Maybe she wanted to show her gratitude even more, because he could feel a hand getting to his crotch, starting to explore his dick and his balls. He thought this was a bit much and reached at the hand under water, tried to get it away. As a reaction the hand grabbed his balls and squeezed them lightly. He explained this to himself as a sort of warning and let go of the hand.

Soon the hand was in full action, rubbing the shaft of his penis gently up and down, now and then touching his balls lightly. Of course he was not made of stone and he felt himself getting stiffer and stiffer. His wife was talking innocently with Sharon and Hope about holiday resorts while Ralph and Tim were into the stock market. He talked along but it became more and more difficult to keep his mind to the conversation.

At a certain moment Ralph suggested to his wife to go to their quarters and stood up. He turned around, got his bathrobe and stepped out of the tub. Hope followed, reached for her bathrobe, loosely draped it around herself, waved at them and the couple went inside. The remaining four waved back and he was almost relieved the hand got away from his now rock hard dick.
"I would like to go to, Melody. It's been a long day." He got up and quickly put his bathrobe on. She followed his example and they greeted Tim and Sharon while they walked inside.

His penis must look like a flagpole, he thought and walked as fast as he could to their bedroom. Melody saw what was the matter when they entered the room. "You poor boy!", she exclaimed when she opened his bathrobe and dropped to her knees. "Let me help you with that." Her lips went around the top first, then she withdrew to have a better look at the now wet head. She let her tongue roam around the rim under the head and then took him in her mouth completely.

He had wanted to say something about her little game in the tub, but more than "OOH" did not come out of his mouth. When she took more and more in her mouth he grabbed the back of her head and pushed it as far as he could. His "revenge", he thought. She made uneasy sounds like she almost was vomiting and he let go, now letting her have her way. He thought about how he would fuck her from behind later, having the nice hold of her luscious hips. He would slam against her bum fiercely.

All his plans were without a chance to fulfil for some time because he felt himself exploding in her mouth. She had obviously not expected this yet and he could hear her splutter, but somehow she managed to keep all his cum in and he heard her have a big swallow.
He came slowly to his senses, still had to hold himself steady on her shoulders, but now he could speak: "That was some trick you pulled up on me in the pool. I thought I was getting crazy when you started jerking me off like that."
She looked questioningly at him: "I did not touch you, darling."

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