zondag 17 januari 2016

The Walk of Fame

How she loved Tuscany. Not the big cities where everybody went to see the art, following the tourist guides and admire the same things as all the other people. No she was smitten by the little villages and towns in all their splendour and every day life. The locals didn't realise they were living in such adorable environments. She wondered if she would take things for normal if she was living over here permanently. Absolutely not!

She had enjoyed last night very much: drinking great wine outside on a square was not something you could do in their own country. There are no such squares and even so: the weather would never permit it. It had been quite late when they got back to their apartment and they had been so tired that they went to sleep almost as soon as the moment they had reached their bed.

This morning she had expected him to wake her up with being all over her. Until now their mornings had been filled with sex; it was a good thing the hotel changed their sheets daily.
While she had her eyes get used to the daylight, she noticed him singing in the bathroom, having a shower. She decided to have quick wash and get dressed, maybe they could have breakfast on the balcony. To order room service it would be better to be a bit dressed. She would have to open the front door, leading to the street because they had been given an apartment next to the main hotel accommodation. For meals they always had to go on the street to the neighbouring building.

Like every day she started with the lovely lingerie they had bought together a few days ago. She was very aware how he loved to see her in one of the sets, even when it might be more comfortable to wear less under her clothes. He came out of the bathroom while she still only was wearing knickers, bra and stockings. Humming he put on one of his white shirts, stopped while being halfway with the buttons and watched her with that naughty glint in his eyes she knew quite well by now.

"Stop right there!" he said. "Now put on your high heels and show me", he added. She did what he asked, stepped in front of him and turned around a few times. "So lovely", he sighed.
What followed she didn't expect at all. He asked if she remembered that she promised to do everything he would ever ask of her. She nodded with mixed feelings, what weird idea had slipped in his mind?
He demanded that she would walk in front of him to the door. She did this, being sure she used her hips as much as possible to show off to him.

In front of the door he stopped her: "I want you to walk to the end of the street and back like this."
She shook her head in disbelief and because she didn't want this at all. "You promised!", he urged.
The few moments she doubted were enough for him. "I love you!", he said and opened the door.
"On one condition", she tried to win some time, "I want to wear that black jacket and the hat that are hanging over there." She had tried to wear these items before, he had made love to her dressed in only these. Of course he remembered how she had used them to turn him on and he agreed.

After she got ready he pushed her out of the door. It was very quiet in the street, she was lucky this was not happening to her in Rome, Torino or such. "Go on!", he shouted through the closed door.
First she thought of sneaking her way, trying to be as small as possible. Then she felt this should be different: she was lovely and being loved and she was going to show it!
This was not a Walk of Shame but a Walk of Fame.
So upright and proud she walked on, one of the workers of the hotel was outside reading his newspaper, but somehow he had only eye for the news. He greeted her without noticing how she went.

The whole thing was a lot easier than she expected: the only person to be seen in the street was the man from the hotel staff.
When she knocked at the door her lover opened it immediately, grabbing her while closing the door.
He drew her pants down and made her step out of them, went on his knees in front of her. She knew what he wanted and spread her legs a bit. His face went to her crotch and after touching her, opening her lips with his fingers she felt his tongue going on a mission. She thrust her hips forward to meet him a bit more and spread her legs a bit more too. The tongue had found it's goal very soon and he started to lick and suck, only once stopping to announce that she was very very wet. She had pushed his head back: she didn't need to hear this, she knew very well.

When she came she leaned heavily on him to prevent falling. He waited for her to steady herself and then got up. He kissed her and she tasted her sweet self on his lips and tongue.
"Next time I will ask you to walk up and down the street stark naked", he declared. His shirt showed that he had quite a big erection, he was very aroused.
"If you promise that you will not do this, I offer you something else", she reacted. He looked at her questioningly. "You can have me like this on the balcony, if you promise that. Otherwise I will get dressed."

Her hand slid under the shirt and touched his throbbing member. "Okay", he moaned and took her by the other hand and they walked through the room. He opened the French windows, pushed her to the end of the balcony, made her bend over the balustrade and entered her without any further delay.
She could hear in his way of breathing that he would be coming very soon. That moment the French windows next door opened too and she could hear somebody coming on the neighbouring balcony.
She realised they were making a very weird spectacle.

"There, there! Can you see it?", she shouted and pointed vaguely to something in the sky.
"Yes, yes, I see it!", he bellowed behind her and she felt him spurting his load into her.

Photo courtesy of Hera Bell, http://www.glamourmakeoverphotography.com/

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