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When she got in the real estate office she walked straight on to the door at the end that gave way to the owner of the business. "Madam, you can't just...", one of the workers started. "St, she's the wife of the Boss. She can't be stopped.", somebody reacted. No, she could not be stopped for sure. She already knew what to expect: her husband behind his desk, the secretary in front of it, taking notes.

And yes, it was like that. "We are looking forward to the list of involved properties and..."
He looked disturbed, like the blond secretary with her unbelievable long legs that were properly bend, in a decent manner, as always dressed in a meticulous way. Somehow Grace was almost sure her husband would have had her on his lap, or on his desk a little while before she made her entrance in the room. There had to be a warning system in this office, but how they managed to warn their boss was a mystery to her.

"Grace, darling, what can I do for you?" he asked with that film star smile of him. The secretary looked at her watchful, a bit doggedly. She went up to him and kissed him, a bit of showing to the legged girl who was the rightful person to kiss that smiling mouth.
"I did some shopping, darling and I have all these bags. I don't feel like going back home by bus, wondered if I can take your car home. I could pick you up at 6 or such."
He shook his head, explained her he had to visit a building site in an hour. "Why don't you phone a taxi?" She shrugged and told him her mobile phone's battery was completely dead.

"Just phone a taxi with the phone on Julie's desk. Just press the nine, before you start dialling. You know how it works. And we better get on with that letter, otherwise it's not finished before I have to go." The secretary nodded a bit too enthusiastic.
She was about to leave the room and the secretary already had her pen ready when she suddenly stopped. "Oh, yeah, before I forget. Please don't throw one of these boring surprise parties at me on Friday. You know...Birthday..." He waved the rest of her words away: "Not possible, darling. I have to go to Leeds this weekend for a convention. You are very welcome to join me, of course. We can hit the town after the meetings. And don't look so surprised! I already told you this weeks ago." The long legged girl nodded her head, how irritating! Grace tried to ignore her completely and it was her turn to wave at him: "No way I'm going to wait in a bloody hotel room till you might come to get me for an evening in bloody Leeds!"

She got out of the room with a vague promise of a little holiday somewhere in the next months. She walked to the secretary's desk and took her chair and phoned the taxi. She could not resist trying the drawers of the desk and was lucky this time. They were not locked. The top drawer only had pens and paper clips and such, but in the next one she found a very interesting business card. She took it out and put it in a pocket of her coat. The last drawer had uninteresting papers about meetings and some drafts for official letters.

In the taxi she took the card out and had a closer look. It was sort of purple, very luxurious but there was a picture on it of a blindfold and a riding crop crossed. A bit like the crossed bones under a skull on a pirate flag. Under this were some words: " for all your secret wishes". She put it back in her pocket, not sure what to do with this.
At home she dressed up, wanted to show that husband of her that she was still very attractive, even when she was some 10 years older than that bloody secretary. She regretted this later, he phoned, the meeting at the building site was postponed by an hour. She didn't have to wait for him for dinner, he would have a bite with the owners of the property.

While she was having a quick salad she had to think about the card. She took it out of the pocket of her coat and googled the name of the site on her smartphone. She only found one hit and had a look. It was rather disappointing, there only were a few sentences "We're sorry, this site is under maintenance. For appointments use our address." and an email address.

She thought a bit longer, looking at a site was something different than mailing to somebody. But she felt a bit bored and decided to go for it and asked for an appointment on Friday, added to "party".
It was a bit too optimistic to expect an immediate reaction, she realised after a few minutes. She put her smartphone down and watched tv.

He came home after 11, told her he was completely knackered and went to bed. The dinner with the building people obviously had included some drinks. How he managed to come home, she didn't know. He did this before and she cursed every time he did it, but he always managed to get home in one piece and without any incidents, never had police controls. Sometimes she wished he would run into the police, his behaviour was insane. And he had said nothing about her new outfit. Bastard!

The next day, while having a late breakfast on her own, she could hear she got an email. She checked and her heart skipped a beat. There was a reply from Masternet!
It ordered her to come to an address in the city Friday at 10 PM in her nicest evening gown. "Come by taxi. No parking in front of the mansion. Strictly no underwear, otherwise there will be consequences!" No name under it, not even something like "the Master" or such.

She had lunch with her best friend Lily. She told about the site, showed the message to her and they had a good laugh together. It felt good to not to take it too seriously. Lily even offered jokingly to be her taxi driver. Grace accepted immediately, it would make things for her a bit easier.

That Friday Taxi Lily was nicely on time in front of the house. She whistled and embraced Grace, holding her door open like a chauffeur. When they were seated and drove off, she asked if she really wasn't wearing any underwear under her gown. Grace shook her head: "I do wear a string; it's very small."
Lily frowned and shook her head. "Better take it off. Don't start in a wrong manner."
"You think so?", Grace asked. Lily nodded and she started struggling under her dress to take it off.
Because of the hinder of the seatbelt she had a hard time.
"Wait till we're there", her friend advised.

It was not very far away. In fact Grace knew this place, the old mansion had been for sale through the agency of her husband. The "For  Sale" sign had been taken away. She wondered if it really had been sold.
"Your pants, please!", Lily woke her up. Obligingly she took the seatbelt off and now it was easy to get rid of the little piece of fabric. She handed it over to her chauffeur who smiled approvingly.
"Ready?" Grace had her doubts but nodded. "Off you go. I'll wait till you are indoors."

The almost scruffy door was slightly open, a dim light shone in the hall. She walked in and behind the door she could hear Lily drive away. There was a piece of paper on the wall with an arrow. It pointed at what seemed to have been the janitor's office in better days.
In it was a chair with another piece of paper.
In the dim light she had a bit of trouble reading it. It said: "What a lovely dress! Take it off and walk up the stairs to the landing. Go to the right and walk straight to the last door."

She did what was demanded and put her lovely dress on the chair. Walking up the stairs made her feel more naked than she had ever been before. She had the feeling there were a lot of cameras following her every move. A look around didn't make anything certain. She did notice the very old fashioned chandeliers that took away the darkness and shivered, even when it wasn't really cold at all. Yet she had goose pimples all over her body, her nipples became stiff. She stopped for a second, tried to get an even breath again.

The room was not hard to find; this door was a bit open too, showing the same dim light like that in the hall. She pushed the door open en looked around. The room was very sparsely furnished: it contained a king size bed with a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs, a little table with a glass that was half filled next to a riding crop and a chair with a man who was hidden behind a newspaper.

"Put the handcuffs on and get on all fours on the bed. NOW!", the man ordered her from behind his paper shield. Grace didn't do what was told, but walked straight up to him and ripped the newspaper out of his hands.

"I just knew it was you!", she shouted.
He gave her that film star smile, "Happy Birthday, darling."
She was not completely certain if she really noticed him being startled for a second.

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