donderdag 4 december 2014


When he came home that Friday afternoon she was behind the table in the living room with a pile papers in front of her. He had hoped to go for a drink with her, but it seemed she had other plans. “It seems you are busy”, he said a bit disappointed. “Yes, you saw that very good. I’m rather busy. I have to check this schoolwork. They will expect to get it back on Monday.”

One by one she read the papers; once in a while she would stripe errors, wrote some remarks, put question marks next to a sentence or exclamation marks. He just sighed and asked if she would like coffee or tea. She said that she loved a cup of coffee, so he made them coffee. When he walked up to put the coffee on the table in front of her, he could faintly see through her white blouse. She was wearing the purple bra with the half cups they bought together a few weeks before. He loved this set and thought back to her fitting it in the shop.

He didn’t feel very welcome. The other women in the lingerie shop were giving him ugly looks, like he was an intruder, not allowed over there. He had tried to keep his composure and pretended to not see the women and the racks full of bras and panties. His love had called him to the fitting room, asked him if he thought the bra fitted well. So he had placed his hands on the cups while she laughed. “It feels and looks quite right.”, he said. She laughed out loud and the sales woman had asked if everything was alright in there. She even withdrew the curtains that closed the room off and he had walked out hastily.

He sat on the settee, looking at her back and wondered if she was wearing the matching panties as well. She sipped some of the coffee and used her red pen in almost an aggressive way. She mumbled something and wrote some words down.  A shame he couldn’t see her lips while he heard her voice. He just watched her back for some more minutes. She only paused to take some sips of coffee, but he could see it would take some time before that pile of work was done. He sneaked up softly behind her and gave her a kiss on her cheek. “You poor thing, working so hard!” She sighed and told him he was a sweet man.

He went back to the settee again and watched her some more, asked her if she wanted more coffee. She just shook her head and her red pen scratched on a paper. He walked up to her again and gave a kiss in her neck. Her free hand went through his hair and ruffled it a bit. He felt encouraged and undid a button of her blouse. He kissed the spot he just had exposed. “Naughty boy!” she whispered. He undid the next one, leaned over and kissed her a bit deeper in her blouse. She sighed and he undid yet another one. She put her pen down, grabbed his head and kissed him on his greedy lips.


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