dinsdag 17 december 2013

The Lover who came in the night

                                                    Fatbardha Sulaj - Une ame dans la nuit

She woke up because she could feel a sort of a draught getting to her body. Not that she became cold by this, but next to this she became very aware of the sounds of the street that came in through the doors to the balcony. She could hear the traffic on the road on which her street ended. And there were people walking by, they sounded like they just came from a bar.

She got out of bed and walked to the doors of the balcony. It was a very bright and quite warm night and the full moon made things even brighter. After she shut the doors she could see her own image in the glass of the window. The moonlight made her legs look longer and it was almost as if the light was fondling her hips. She moved a bit so the light touched her breasts. All in all she thought she almost looked like a piece of art.

Suddenly she was fully aware she was not the only one admiring the sight. But the dark shadow didn't frighten her, it was so familiar. It disappeared for a few seconds, but before she felt like turning around and searching for it, she felt it behind her. A hand got into her hair, stroke it a bit and then went under it.
Only a little pressure was needed for her to realize that she was meant to go away from the doors.

She was gently led back to the bed and she knew what it was she needed to do. She knelt on the bed on her knees and placed her hands in front of her. The hand was taken away and went to her breasts, cupped them and then letting go again. She felt the knuckles against her stiffening nipples. The hand went onto her belly and traveled to her little hairs.

But it didn't stay there either. Onto her back it went, stroke along her spine and touched the beginning of her buttocks. The hand went away again, this time a bit longer. She felt all her muscles becoming tense, what was next?

Suddenly she felt the hand on her left ankle, then on the other one. It fondled her legs, the inside of her knees and went up again, getting to the thighs and nearing her buttocks for the second time. The hand was withdrawn again and she felt herself shiver. What now?

A hot breath reached her left ear. And a whisper: "Obey, my Little One.."
Oh yes, she was so ready to obey.


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